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Re: Tremulous packages

On Wed, 03 May 2006 18:12:40 +0200 Heretik wrote:

> - About the datas :
>   - Actually, they don't intend to change the license yet. They say
>   the
> GPL is not for arts, whereas CC is. Also, there are many medias
> authors and making the license change requires contacting all of them
> and they don't see the point of doing this. Though, they told they
> will certainly switch to CC 3 when it's out.
> I've already bothered them a lot with all these licenses
> considerations. They think that we are license freaks (I don't
> remember their exact words) and that CC is already free enough, so
> they won't switch the datas to GPL.

As I already stated, promising to switch to some yet unknown license in
the future is not enough to solve a non-freeness issue.
It's sad that many people go on refusing to listen to freeness concerns
and happily release works in non-free manners...  :-(

> So do I have to put them in a separate, non-free, source package ?

Another game that looks as if it were Free, but is *not at all*... 
Dropping Tremulous from my list of interesting DFSG-free games...  :-|
Thanks for clarifying the situation.

> - About the tools :
>   - I asked the icculus team, which maintains the GPL quake3 engine on
> which is based Tremulous. The lcc tools are used only for mods, so
> it's not required by the quake3 engine itself, but it is required for
> all the mods like Tremulous.
>   - They told me that these tools can't be replaced, and that
> reimplenting a free version of them is pointless.

Sure, like reimplementing Unix in a Free manner: is GNU/Linux pointless
in their opinion?

>   - The copyright holders are not only AT&T but also the 2 guys from
> Microsoft, so I don't think they would be any open to Debian
> considerations. I could still ask them if you think it's really worth
> it, but I'm quite hopeless about that.

I'll leave it to you to decide...

> - The pk3 files, i.e. the datas, are actually zip files which are
> built manually for releases. One of them includes the qvm files, which
> are built by the tools. I can't build them because they are
> timestamped and I rebuilt them, they would be incompatibles with the
> servers. As I don't need nor can build them, I don't need the tools in
> the source package, and I don't intend to package them anymore.
> I only include the built qvm file, but they still build depends on it
> upstream, although I don't build them in the package.
> - So what I did is :
>   - Remove the tools from the sources and rebuild the orig.tar.gz
> source.
>   - Build the 3 packages (client, server, datas) from the single
>   source
> package and put them in contrib. (Actually, I have a 4th package for
> the docs but it's out of this scope)
> - What I will do, depending on your answer :
>   - Put the datas in a different source package and put it in
>   non-free.


> Is it all right this way ?

Client and server are under the GPL, so they can go to contrib.
*Once* and *if* they do not Depend, Build-Depend or Recommend packages
outside of main, they will be able to move to main.
At the moment, they must Depend on the data package, since they do not
provide a significant amount of functionality without the data
In the future, *once* and *if* someone has created DFSG-free data that
enable the game engine to provide a significant amount of functionality,
client and server will be able to move to main.

Data are under a Creative Commons license, so they can go to non-free,
at best.

So to sum up:

 client & server  in contrib
 data             in non-free

> PS : please CC me in your answers because I'm not subscribed to the
> list.

OK, done.
But, please, don't do the same to me, as I didn't asked others to do so
(I am a debian-legal subscriber and would rather avoid downloading
replies twice). Thanks.

    :-(   This Universe is buggy! Where's the Creator's BTS?   ;-)
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