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Re: licensing of debian/ files

On Thursday 27 April 2006 05:41, Panu Kalliokoski wrote:
> When discussing a package with my sponsor, I thought about a licensing
> issue that has never occurred to me before.  Debian packages are very
> careful to mention the license(s) and copyright(s) of the files in the
> upstream distribution, but where are the license conditions of files
> that the packager has added?  The manual page (if added by the packager)
> usually gives something license-like in the author section, but what
> about the other stuff?

"The first rule of debian/ directory licensing is, we don't talk about 
debian/ directory licensing." ... =)

Seriously though, I think this is something we as maintainers should be more 
clear about. I know in my packaging I always *intend* that my packaging 
falls under the same license as the code I'm packaging.

But maybe it would be good to add this more specifically into the 
debian/copyright file:

Original software, Copyright 200x Upstream Author
  Upstream license text
+Debian packaging, Copyright 200x Package Maintainer
+  Packaging license text

What do other folks think?

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