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Re: A GPL-compatible license for photos and music. Which?

On Sun, 23 Apr 2006 22:25:35 +0400 olive wrote:

> Francesco Poli wrote:
> > 
> > So, think about your photographic work: which form would you start
> > from, if you wanted to modify it? That is the source!
> > For instance, if you take photographs with a digital camera that
> > saves pictures in JPEG format, and want to publish those pictures,
> > your source is probably in JPEG format. Why? Because, if you wanted
> > to make modifications to your photographs, you would probably prefer
> > using the JPEG format as the basis.
> I don't understand this. For photographs, modifications doen't really 
> make sense (apart from some adjustement). If you want to "modify" a 
> photo, probably the best way is to change the cadrage, or (depending 
> what you are photographying) change the scene that you are 
> photographying. If you take a photo of a person, you can also ask 
> him/her to change to smale or take a different facial expression...
> This  way the "prefered form" for modification would include
> objects/people  you are photographying and we would come to an
> absurdity. GPL is not  desinged at all for photography.

What you are talking about is not *modifying* the photograph; it's
creating *another* (more or less similar) photograph from scratch!

By your line of reasoning, the source code for the Linux kernel would
consist of the devices used by kernel hackers to experiment their
drivers, rather than the C and assembly code they wrote...

Instead, what I'm talking about (actually, what the GPL talks about) is
making modifications to the work. For a photograph, you can think about
the millions different digital processing procedures that effectively
create derivative works of photographs... 

> For music its
> depend of the type of  music: if you have made your music with a
> computer we can problably find  a prefered form of modification. But
> if the music is a recording of a an  instrument, once again the music
> is not really modifiable.

Likewise, I'm talking about modifying the musical work, not recreating
it from scratch with slight differences.

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