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Re: MPL and Source Code

On Sun, 02 Apr 2006 11:55:01 +0200
Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo <jsogo@debian.org> wrote:

>   Reading your previous posts about MPL, seems that the main problem MPL
> presents is that Debian does not keep source code for every change at
> least 6 months, as required in point 3.2.
>   While this can be true for MPL packages being only in the archive it
> is not if the package is being maintained in svn.debian.org, as it will
> keep every change (released or not) for more than required 6 months, and
> nowhere in MPL it says that those changes has to be shipped together
> with binary, only made available.

A problem would only occur if there was a Debian release that contained
source code that is is not in the SVN archive. Does this ever occur?

In any case, this seems less onerous than GPL 3b) which requires
effectively the same for three years.

>   Of course, as required by 3.6, the place source code or modifications
> are must be made public. This can be comply by a note in
> debian/copyright file, as it will be included with every package
> released.

Para 3.2 requires modifications to be made available for 12 months after
the initial release, or after six months after a subsequent version has
been released.

3.6 applies to distribution of binaries, and essentially says that if
you comply to the terms of source release, you are OK to release

> P.S: In my previous post I forgot about CC Debian VoIP Team. Please keep CC, as I am not subcribed to d-legal and I think that Debian VoIP Team must be kept informed.

Good idea :)


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