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Re: [Portaudio] Re: portaudio in Debian, license updates?

On Monday 20 February 2006 04:51, Bjorn Roche was like:
> My
> app runs on Linux and definately has trouble with PA/ALSA, so I'd like to
> work on that as well, though, to be honest, I am a bit baffled by ALSA. If
> PA gets into Debian, I really think that will help, as more people would
> hear about it, see it, use it, and, presumably, tell the developers what
> isn't working.


I'm very happy to test any audio stuff, however, being a rather slack late 
beta-tester I have to wait until packages trickle through into the DeMuDi 
repositories before I can work with them. My rationale is that studios tend 
to want stable software, like servers do. I still have vague hopes that Open 
Music may yet be got to work under Debian. 

If PA could be made to work with ALSA, I think it would encourage Linux Audio 
Developers to look at it afresh. ALSA/JACK has become the standard for 
serious, professional quality Audio in Linux, which is also the category 
PortAudio should be in. The LAD/LAU community are likely to be supportive of 
such a move and it would bring PA into the frame (Purely MO). My fear is that 
anything you can't sync straight up to Ardour, using JACKd could prove an 
annoying waste of time. <PBO>When you're in the creative flow, this has to 
all Just Work</PBO>.

As soon as there is a package that reportbug can recognise, I'm sure you'll 
get plenty of feedback from Debian. ;)

tim hall

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