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Re: EU antitrust is also cool (was: A new practical problem...)

Alexander Terekhov wrote:
On 2/18/06, olive <olive.lin@versateladsl.be> wrote:

I think the following links might interest you.


All complain about the GPL are dismissed one after the other.


Here the judge rejected a number of the arguments of the Free Software
Foundation, including that the nature of the GPL providing free access
to software programs, subject to some limitations, necessarily aids

Wallace filed amended complaint, and the briefing is under way.

AFAICS, in his responses to the FSF and Red Hat+Novell (that's another
case) Wallace totally devastated ICE MILLER.


What?I You're referring to Groklaw PJ's enemy #1 O'Gara? He he.

Well. The latest Wallace's filing is this:


There is no judgement at all in this document which is resume only the arguments of D. Wallace. This court has dismissed D. Wallace on the basis of similar arguments in the documents I have pointed. What I am looking for is an actual judgement; not only arguments that please you. All judgements I know have been up to now in favour of the GPL. If you can show me the contrary, please do it,


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