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Re: GPLv3 Drafting Process

Don Armstrong <don@debian.org>
> If you're having problems accessing the site, contact
> webmaster@gplv3.fsf.org. If it's a serious problem and the FSF isn't
> responding, you can e-mail me, and I'll input your comments for you.

I'm currently in discussion with them. They are responding,
but it seems frustratingly difficult to make a case for
accessibility to them.

> > The Debian project can make a big contribution to opening the
> > process. I thank you for making committee D's proceedings public,
> Thanks really go to the people in the committee who agreed with them
> being publicly available.

Indeed. Thanks to all who took the decision!

> > but I'm disappointed that Don and yourself are on the same
> > committee.
> Technically, Mako and I aren't there to represent Debian specifically;
> we're there because we are... something or other. Branden Robinson and
> Greg Pomerantz are "officially" representing Debian.

Can you tell us what committee(s) they are on?

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