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Re: please update the license text

On Thu, 9 Feb 2006 10:45:52 -0500 Charles Fry wrote:

> severity 332606 important
> retitle 331418 'please update the license text'
> thanks
> Hi,
> For all current RC bugs in Pear packages that use the PHP License, I
> am downgrading the severity to important, and requesting that
> debian/copyright be updated to the new PHP License, version 3.01. This
> new license has been modified making it equally suitible for use by
> PHP Group software as for PHP itself.

Equally non-free, IMO.

We reviewed the new license and found several problems, one of which
(clause #4) applies to PHP Group software as well (including PHP
As a result a bunch of bugs are *downgraded*?
This is not encouraging...

Am I the only one who thinks PHP is currently non-free and its license
should be fixed?
If someone listening shares my opinion on PHP License version 3.01,
please let other people know: reply now to this message and state that
you think this license should be fixed!

As I reminder, I here summarize my opinion on PHP License version 3.01.

for PHP itself and for other PHP Group software, clause 4 of the PHP
license version 3.01 fails to comply with DFSG#3, as it's a restriction
on modified works which is not allowed by DFSG#4.

When the license is applied to anything that is *not* PHP Group
software, several additional issues appear.



for further details...

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