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Re: [DSFG] question: Custom hand written notice

On Thu, Feb 09, 2006 at 11:04:32AM +0200, Jari Aalto wrote:

> I'm preparing a package and would like to hear if this licence
> (author's voice) is DSFG free. I intend to add this to
> debian/copyright:

>     License:

>     The snow source code and the algorithms contained within it are free
>     for non-commercial use. Licences for commercial single-customer
>     applications will usually be granted free of charge, but contact the
>     author for confirmation. 

Certainly not; this is a clear use restriction.

>     Notes:

>     (*)As of 29 May 1999 the source code has changed from being public
>     domain to being free for non-commercial use. However, commercial users
>     are automatically granted a licence for any use of the snow code and
>     algorithms deployed before this date.

> Also in what section would this software go: main, non-free?

This seems to be the same question as the one you asked above?  Perhaps you
meant to ask first whether it's ok for Debian to distribute it.  Anyway, I
don't see anything in this license that constitutes permission to
redistribute; given that the author apparently also doesn't know what
"public domain" means, I certainly wouldn't rely on perceived implicit
permission to redistribute the code when putting it into non-free.

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