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Re: [DSFG] question: Custom hand written notice

Jari Aalto said on Thu, Feb 09, 2006 at 11:04:32AM +0200,:

 > I'm preparing a package and would like to hear if this licence
 > (author's voice) is DSFG free. I intend to add this to
 > debian/copyright:
 >     License:
 >     The snow source code and the algorithms contained within it are free
 >     for non-commercial use. Licences for commercial single-customer
 >     applications will usually be granted free of charge, but contact the
 >     author for confirmation. 

Imposing  restrictions on  users for  re-distribution does  not comply
with the DFSG.

What is `commercial use', BTW?  Does a LUG selling CDs containing this
application engage in a commercial activity?

Fails the ``desert  island test'' too. (What if  the distributor wants
to give  a copy of the  application on a commercial  basis to somebody
else on the island?)

 >     Notes:
 >     (*)As of 29 May 1999 the source code has changed from being public
 >     domain   to  being  free   for  non-commercial   use.  However,
 > commercial users

I am  not sure  how this possible.  Once public domain,  always public
domain. No idea if the law in your jurisdiction is different.
 >     are automatically granted a licence for any use of the snow code and
 >     algorithms deployed before this date.
 > Also in what section would this software go: main, non-free?


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