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Re: example of unacceptable invariant section (was Re: GR proposal: GFDL with no Invariant Sections is free

On Wed, 08 Feb 2006 09:30:27 +0400 olive wrote:

> There are in fact two things in these manuals. The technical part
> which  is in my opinion free and the small invariant political stuff.
> My  argument was that I just don't read and care about these small
> political  stuff that we are obliged to attach to the manuals. Anyway,
> your problem  seems exagerate. You can of course write an essay about
> GCC founding and  you can include it in the manual; you just have to
> keep the original  version and maybe explaining to the users that the
> original version  reflect the opinion of RMS and the new section
> reflect yours.

Suppose that an implementation of mv(1) has a bug such that the -i
(--interactive) command-line option is broken.
Suppose the license of this implementation of mv(1) is such that you are
not permitted to fix the behavior of "mv -i". But you are allowed to add
code to implement another option (--really-interactive, for instance)
that actually works as intended. But you cannot remove the code that
implements "mv -i".

Would that mv(1) implementation be DFSG-free?
Obviously it would not, I should say.

How can a manual with a GFDL-style Invariant Section comply with the
Political essays can be as important as the technical part of a manual:
they should grant the same freedoms that are essential for programs and
all other works of authorship.

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