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Re: example of unacceptable invariant section (was Re: GR proposal: GFDL with no Invariant Sections is free

Well, I will give a *very* specific example of why I am certain they are *not* on the good side of the line. The GCC manual contains an essay called "Funding Free Software". I believe that this essay is inaccurate in the details, that it gives bad advice, and that it presents an unrealistic view of free software funding. It does not describe the major methods of free software funding which exist today (including the way GCC is primarily funded), or encourage them; instead it encourages a method which has proven to be particularly ineffective.

I would strongly like to rewrite it to reflect reality, and *particularly* to reflect the methods by which *GCC* is funded, since this is the GCC manual. I can do a good job at that with the assistance of the people I know and a little research.

I am not permitted to. Instead, RMS's outdated, inaccurate screed is stuck there for all time.

This is really non-free.

There are in fact two things in these manuals. The technical part which is in my opinion free and the small invariant political stuff. My argument was that I just don't read and care about these small political stuff that we are obliged to attach to the manuals. Anyway, your problem seems exagerate. You can of course write an essay about GCC founding and you can include it in the manual; you just have to keep the original version and maybe explaining to the users that the original version reflect the opinion of RMS and the new section reflect yours.


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