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Re: Creative Commons "negotiations"

Evan Prodromou wrote:
> Here's the poop, in a nutshell: after a few months of back-and-forths,
> we worked out a draft license that the working group felt was compatible
> with the DFSG. CC hopes to apply the changes to the upcoming CC 3.0
> license suite draft, and that version will be available for public
> review. Unless there are other changes that make the licenses non-free
> (they're dealing with other groups besides Debian, of course), the 3.0
> Attribution and Attribution-ShareAlike licenses should be
> DFSG-compatible and we should allow works available under those licenses
> in main.

Excellent!  Thank you very much for your work on this issue.

> Works under CC licenses with the NoDerivs or NonCommercial elements will
> still be incompatible with the DFSG, of course, and works under 1.0,
> 2.0, and 2.5 versions of the Attribution and Attribution-ShareAlike
> licenses will still be incompatible. But for upstream projects that use
> earlier versions of by or by-sa, there should be a clear upgrade path.

This seems like one case where it is rather unfortunate that CC didn't
standardize on an "or any later version" model.

- Josh Triplett

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