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Re: GPL v3 Draft

* Bas Zoetekouw:

>> I read that clause as banning distribution of (a certain class of)
>> contraband, which is banned already anyway -- probably even to create or
>> possess, let alone distribute. As such, I'm not actually sure it covers
>> anything in practice. If that's not correct, and it is banning things that
>> aren't already illegal, there might be a problem.
> AFAIK, spyware is not illegal in Europe (yet).

If "spyware" means extracting personally identifiable information from
computers with explicit user consent, it is certainly not illegal per
se (and I doubt that it will ever be).  But in Europe, you still don't
have carte blanche to do what you want with the collected data, no
matter how much user consent you obtain (this is different in the
U.S., I think).

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