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Re: GPL v3 Draft

Hi Glenn!

You wrote:

> > 3. Digital Restrictions Management.
> > 
> > As a free software license, this License intrinsically disfavors
> > technical attempts to restrict users' freedom to copy, modify, and share
> > copyrighted works. Each of its provisions shall be interpreted in light of
> > this specific declaration of the licensor's intent. 
> > Regardless of any
> > other provision of this License, no permission is given to distribute
> > covered works that illegally invade users' privacy
> This is a butterknife being boxed with a "you may not sharpen this knife and
> stab people with it" notice: that's already illegal, and it just serves to
> complicate the license.

I don't agree.  The _use_ of a program can be illegal in some
jurisdiction, while the program itself and its distribution need not be
Also, does this clause apply if I use GPLv3 code to write a spyware
program that is illegal in (e.g.) the US, but not in my home country?

IMO, this is a clear violation of DFSG 6.  If we allow terrorists to use
our code, and allow it to be used in biological weapons research,
clearly also black hat hackers must be allowed to use it to produce

Kind regards,
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