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Re: datamatrix what (GNU) license to assume?

Upstream changed the license

Am Samstag, den 07.01.2006, 15:59 -0800 schrieb Don Armstrong:
> On Sat, 07 Jan 2006, Daniel J. Priem wrote:
> > Can i just package the follwing and release it under the GPL?
> Not yet; see below for details.
> > The software is free, you can assume a GNU licence. It is provided
> > entirely as is and no liability is accepted at all. Any bug reports,
> > ideas, etc, email support, but no promises.
> That unfortunatly isn't too terribly convincing as to which GNU
> license they wanted their work to be released under; they should use
> the text in the GPL itself if that's the license that the code should
> be released under.
> > i ve been tried to reach them but didnt get a response
> This is more damning than the mere copyright/licensing issues; if you
> can't get talk to upstream, and aren't willing to take the reigns for
> upstream development yourself if the package enters Debian, you
> generally shouldn't even consider packaging it for an official Debian
> release.
> Don Armstrong

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