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Re: datamatrix what (GNU) license to assume?

On Sat, 07 Jan 2006, Daniel J. Priem wrote:
> Can i just package the follwing and release it under the GPL?

Not yet; see below for details.
> The software is free, you can assume a GNU licence. It is provided
> entirely as is and no liability is accepted at all. Any bug reports,
> ideas, etc, email support, but no promises.

That unfortunatly isn't too terribly convincing as to which GNU
license they wanted their work to be released under; they should use
the text in the GPL itself if that's the license that the code should
be released under.
> i ve been tried to reach them but didnt get a response

This is more damning than the mere copyright/licensing issues; if you
can't get talk to upstream, and aren't willing to take the reigns for
upstream development yourself if the package enters Debian, you
generally shouldn't even consider packaging it for an official Debian

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