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Re: Copyright infringement of debian's logo

Scripsit Damyan Ivanov <divanov@creditreform.bg>

> IIRC, lst time it was suggested that this is not a copy of the
> debian logo, but a logo created using the same brush and the same
> spiral tool in Adobe Illustrator as the logo of Debian.

It has never been demonstrated that Adobe Illustrator has a "spiral
tool" that will produce the exact match of dimensions and ratios that
are found between the Debian swirl and Elektrostore's without
conscious effort on the part of a user. In order for the hypothesis to
work, it is necessary that the postulated spiral tool has a specific
default value for parameters such as the tightness of the spiral or
where on the spiral the brush stroke is placed, _instead_ of letting
the user select them by freehand manipulation with a mouse. Doing this
would be unusual enough (not to mention a waste of UI space) that mere
speculation that it _might_ exist is not at all a convincing argument
for independent creation.

Henning Makholm   "I didn't even know you *could* kill chocolate ice-cream!"

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