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Re: Distributing GPL software.

Alexander Terekhov writes:

> On 1/12/06, Mahesh T. Pai <paivakil@gmail.com> wrote:
> [...]
> > Download  the  binary  and  the *corresponding*  source  code.   While
> > distributing only the  binary.  put on the CD, a  file saying that the
> > source code  to every binary  on the CD  is available from you  to the
> > person  you gave the  cd.  (``Sources  are available  from <address>''
> > will  do).   Now, if  somebody  says  that  you are  doing  commercial
> > distribution,  you can  comply by  giving sources  to the  persons who
> > contact you at the <address>. (you now comply with 3(b) ).
> Hey Carrera, just ignore what the GNUtians say. If somebody says
> that you must give sources "or else", reply "17 USC 109, piss off".

Here is a suggestion of how you can put your bizarre legal theory to
the test:

1) Buy a copy of relatively pricey commercial software.

2) Buy a computer without that piece of software on it.

3) Install the software on that computer, since you are allowed to
   make the installation copy by license or statute.

4) Sell or gift the computer to someone else.

5) Repeat steps 2 through 4 until the software vendor sues you.

6) Claim 17 USC 109 as a defense.

7) Let us know how it turns out.

8) Until then, stop spamming Debian mailing lists and be a little more
   polite when you do post.

Michael Poole

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