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Re: Clarification regarding PHP License and DFSG status

On Fri, 23 Dec 2005, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> frx@firenze.linux.it wrote:
> >As a reminder, I see this clause as non-free because it starts as a
> >name-change clause, but then goes beyond and forbids an entire class of
> >names for derived works (any name having "PHP" as a substring, minus
> >some exceptions).
> >This is overreaching, IMO, and makes the clause non-free, even when
> >applied to PHP itself.
> Exactly, which part of the DFSG you think would forbid this?

The fact that it's a restriction on derived works (§3) that is not
explicitly allowed by §4?

  §3 [...] The license must allow modifications and derived works,

  §4 [...] The license may require derived works to carry a different
  name or version number from the original software. [...]

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