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FAQ: Topicality, was: Policy on code covered by patents but not compiled?

Glenn Maynard
> On Fri, Dec 16, 2005 at 05:29:24PM -0500, Catatonic Porpoise wrote:
> > Please publish essays of this nature somewhere else. I subscribe to this
> > list for the legal discussions, not for moral lectures; [...]
> It's always fascinating when someone's first post to a list is to tell
> others what they're allowed to talk about on it.

Who cares how often they've posted when their complaint is just?

I feel this thread borders on off-topic: it meets the legal part
but not clearly the debian part. Personally, I killfile rather than
complain too often about off-topic-but-related threads, but some
don't have killfiles and flodding them out of the list weakens us.

But: where is more appropriate? gnu-misc might have been OK for
this one and freeculture lists for some others, but in general
there's nothing serving a debian-legal-related purpose well.

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