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Re: Licenses for DebConf6

On Nov 13, Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> wrote:

>         I do stand behind my words; here are, chastizing the GFDL for
>  not being free, standing on the verge of the rowing GNU
>  documentation out of Debian, and yet, we blithely, though the
>  instrumentation of an annual Debian Developer conference, accept any
>  non-free license there is, as long as it makes "our" conference a
>  success.
Yes, you have caught the point: *you* and a few others keep complaining
about usage of the GFDL and CC licenses, "we" do not mind.

(Actually I consider the non-NC and non-ND licenses DFSG-free, so I care
even less about this thread.)


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