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Licenses for DebConf6 [was: Re: DebConf6: Call For Papers]

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On Mon, 7 Nov 2005 10:01:48 +0100 Andreas Schuldei wrote:

>     Fine Print Publication Rights
> Debconf requires non-exclusive publication rights to papers,
> presentations, and any additional handouts or audio/visual materials
> used in conjunction with the presentation. The authors have the
> freedom to pick a DFSG-free license for the papers themselves and
> retain all copyrights.

"The authors have the freedom to pick a DFSG-free license" means that
they *may* do so, but are not required to. Am I correct?

IMHO, DebConf paper authors should be *required* to publish in a
DFSG-free manner, as a condition for presenting at the conference.

Don't you agree that seeing non-free or even undistributable (no license
means "All Rights Reserved", with current laws!) papers at a DebConf is
really a shame?

> The presentations will be recorded, and may be broadcast over the
> Internet. Any copies of the presentation will be made available under
> a license like the MIT/X11 license.

This refers to audio/video recordings, IIUC.
It seems that the same rules adopted for DebConf5 still hold for

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