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Re: data on the consultants page

Scripsit Thomas Huriaux <thomas.huriaux@kti.ae.poznan.pl>

> He has been asking if we could add a note such as (just quoting):

> "I think you should consider putting a note that the information on
> http://www.us.debian.org/consultants/ is copyrighted by the Debian
> project, and can be used only for customers wanting to contact
> consultants. And that use for any other purpose, in particular sending
> e-mails for advertising services in any form is not wanted."

While we assert copyright in the name of SPI on the entire consultants
page, that copyight does not extend to the individual pieces of
information. An email address is not itself protected by copryight,
and it would be a lie if we claimed that it could be _copyright_
infringement to spam an address found on the consultants page.

I do not think there is any way that we, as publisher of the web
page, can do anything to make spamming the addresses less _legal_
than it is already. Of course we could add a request not to spam
(though I doubt it would change anything), but we should not make any
false representation that it has a legal effect.

> Please Cc consultants@debian.org.

Hm, let's see how well cc'ing outside addresses work when I read the
list through Md's usenet gateway...

Henning Makholm                          "What has it got in its pocketses?"

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