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Re: Licenses for DebConf6 [was: Re: DebConf6: Call For Papers]

On Monday 07 November 2005 11:28 pm, Francesco Poli wrote:
> [Added Cc: debian-legal, because the topic may be of interest there,
> I would say.]
> [No need to Cc: me, as long as you keep Cc:ing debian-legal (just to
> make things clear: I am subscribed to debian-legal, but not to
> debian-devel)]
> > used in conjunction with the presentation. The authors have the
> > freedom to pick a DFSG-free license for the papers themselves and
> > retain all copyrights.
> "The authors have the freedom to pick a DFSG-free license" means that
> they *may* do so, but are not required to. Am I correct?

The way I read it was that "the authors may pick any license, so long as it's 
DFSG-free".  Do you see how it could be read that way?

Now, because they are the copyright holders, they could additionally license 
it in some other way, too.  But they must at least offer a DFSG-free license.

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