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data on the consultants page


A consultant listed on http://www.debian.org/consultants/ reported that
he is receiving "targeted spam", asking him to put his resume on some
other servers (if you want to know more about this spam, I can ask him a
copy). He has been asking if we could add a note such as (just quoting):

"I think you should consider putting a note that the information on
http://www.us.debian.org/consultants/ is copyrighted by the Debian
project, and can be used only for customers wanting to contact
consultants. And that use for any other purpose, in particular sending
e-mails for advertising services in any form is not wanted."

Of course this webpage is already copyrighted by SPI, but I'm wondering
if the potential note would comply with the license of the website or if
there is any other problem/solution.

Please Cc consultants@debian.org.


Thomas Huriaux

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