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Re: Permission for using the 'Debian' name in a game

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Hector Blanco wrote:

> Hello.
> My name is Hector Blanco.
> I developed a game called 'Debian vs Pimientos' in which you
> have to kill peppers, using the Debian logo as a ship.
> Well, more info is here:
> http://www.neopontec.com/en/games/index.php?sec=game&gid=1
> Some persons commented me that this would be a violation of the
> Debian mark.
> My question in this message is if I can continue using the
> Debian name and logo in this game.

Are you using the Debian name and logo to refer to Debian (always OK), or
not? :-)  That's the key trademark question.  Does it say in the help box
that the game is an allegory on how Debian and GNU fight against the
dangers of proprietary software, which can 'burn' you, as represented by
hot peppers? :-)  In that case, you're using it to refer to Debian and you
don't need permission.

If you're not using it to refer to Debian, you need permission.

> If there is any legal problem 
> I can change the name and the game art.

Or you can get explicit permission from Debian.  :-)
Debian would probably require that you include a bit explaining what Debian
really is and how to get it, in exchange for using the trademark.

> PS: The game is distributed under the GNU GPL license.
> Thank you.

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

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