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Re: Permission for using the 'Debian' name in a game

Or you can get explicit permission from Debian.  :-)
Debian would probably require that you include a bit explaining what Debian
really is and how to get it, in exchange for using the trademark.
No. Debian really would prefer that the logo and name never be used in a case needing a trademark licence. There should never be any need to use either in a way that is not refeing to either the organization, or to something developed by the organization (such as an OS). (Note I use organization in its literal meaning, as Debian is not a legal entity).

So please just make it quite clear that you are refering to the debian project in some way, and your use should be fair use. In any event it is unlikely that Debian will request SPI to enforce the trademark when it is not used in a competitve way, as loss by failing to enforce requires some form of competition, whcih wounld niot be the case with sucvh a game, and therefore no reason to attempt enforcement.

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