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Re: Permission for using the 'Debian' name in a game

Joey Hess wrote:

> Hector Blanco wrote:
>> My name is Hector Blanco.
>> I developed a game called 'Debian vs Pimientos' in which you
>> have to kill peppers, using the Debian logo as a ship.
>> Well, more info is here:
>> http://www.neopontec.com/en/games/index.php?sec=game&gid=1
>> Some persons commented me that this would be a violation of the
>> Debian mark.
>> My question in this message is if I can continue using the
>> Debian name and logo in this game. If there is any legal problem
>> I can change the name and the game art.
> You can find the license for the Debian open use logo here:
> http://www.debian.org/logos/
>   Copyright (c) 1999 Software in the Public Interest
>   This logo or a modified version may be used by anyone
>   to refer to the Debian project, but does not indicate
>   endorsement by the project.
> I think that using the open use logo in a game is allowed as long as
> it's really meant to refer to the Debian project. So for example, using
> it in xbill for non-microsoft-infected computers might be ok.
I always thought that was a clearly appropriate use.

> It's unclear to me whether a Debian logo shooting gnu heads at peppers
> is intended to be a reference to the Debian project or not. I think
> you've found a grey area.

> OTOH, our next DebConf will be in Mexico and 
> many of the logo choices include prominent peppers, so perhaps you're
> just ahead of the times.
> (I also wonder if putting the Debian logo on a scrumptious cake in
> Finland at the last DebConf was a violation of its license, or did
I think it refered to Debian because it was a DebConf cake, and DebConf is
devoted to Debian.  If it had been a different conference, different

> having DDs eat the cake symbolically make it refer to Debian? Does that 
> mean that the non-DD who cut me off for the last peice was breaking the
> law? Oh and is this all DFSG free? But I digress..)

ksig --random|

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