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Re: Permission for using the 'Debian' name in a game

Hector Blanco wrote:
> My name is Hector Blanco.
> I developed a game called 'Debian vs Pimientos' in which you
> have to kill peppers, using the Debian logo as a ship.
> Well, more info is here:
> http://www.neopontec.com/en/games/index.php?sec=game&gid=1
> Some persons commented me that this would be a violation of the
> Debian mark.
> My question in this message is if I can continue using the
> Debian name and logo in this game. If there is any legal problem
> I can change the name and the game art.

You can find the license for the Debian open use logo here:

  Copyright (c) 1999 Software in the Public Interest
  This logo or a modified version may be used by anyone
  to refer to the Debian project, but does not indicate
  endorsement by the project.

I think that using the open use logo in a game is allowed as long as
it's really meant to refer to the Debian project. So for example, using
it in xbill for non-microsoft-infected computers might be ok.

It's unclear to me whether a Debian logo shooting gnu heads at peppers
is intended to be a reference to the Debian project or not. I think
you've found a grey area. OTOH, our next DebConf will be in Mexico and
many of the logo choices include prominent peppers, so perhaps you're
just ahead of the times.

(I also wonder if putting the Debian logo on a scrumptious cake in
Finland at the last DebConf was a violation of its license, or did
having DDs eat the cake symbolically make it refer to Debian? Does that
mean that the non-DD who cut me off for the last peice was breaking the
law? Oh and is this all DFSG free? But I digress..)

see shy jo

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