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Re: Bug#238245: Debian website's copyright and license suggestions?

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Bas Zoetekouw wrote:

> Hi Francesco!
> You wrote:
>> A less difficult solution is avoiding copyright assignements and simply
>> asking for a license change: each copyright holder should be tracked,
>> contacted and asked to agree with the relicensing.
> I'm afraid that this will turn out to be infeasable.  Lots and lots of
> people have contributed to the webpages.  To make it even worse, a lots
> of translators used to work though general cvs accounts (like "dutch" or
> "french"), making it even harder to find out who did what.
In that case...

If you can get a legal opinion that the pages were created as
works-for-hire, then SPI actually does hold the copyrights.

Otherwise, you're stuck rewriting the webpages, if you want to be legal.

ksig --random|

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