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Debian website's copyright and license suggestions?

Hello members of debian-legal,

It isn't currently well known that Debian website's license is Open
Publication License, which has been judged to be non-free, and
therefore needs to be changed.

Currently web pages are "Copyright © 1997-2005 SPI" and license terms
linking to Open Publication license are available at
<URL: http://www.de.debian.org/license >. However SPI has not been
collecting any paper work to transfer copyrights like FSF does, and
probably many contributors do not even know about that their work is
automatically copyrighted by SPI.

So basically there is two questions:

Does missing paperwork create a problem?

And what would be good license for Debians web pages? (This is about
content, the scripts used in generation are GNU GPL or otherwise
freely licensed.)

Because copyright is currently claimed by SPI Inc, and SPI's board
meeting is coming rather soon, I brought this issue to SPI's
secretarys attention, but SPI board would appreciate some suggestion
what they should decide about license change.

I've Cc'ed the bug report about the issue, but Mail-followups does not
contain bug report. Add it if needed, please.

Tommi Vainikainen

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