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Re: Freeness of licence for wwwcount?

"Joe Smith" <unknown_kev_cat@hotmail.com> wrote: [...]
> If a person has no reason to think that something may possibly be illeagal 
> then there is likely a severe problem with the law.

There are severe problems with copyright law. Doesn't change whether
or not you broke it.

> For example, if a law prohibits walking outside (like walking through a 
> town, lets say) durring the middle of the day, ignorance is very much an 
> excuse. There would be little reason to even suspect that the activity is 
> illegal. [...]

Why not? I see little reason why someone from another culture would
suspect that some particular activities are illegal in the town I live.
Ignorance is not an excuse. It might bring a reduced penalty, though.

I guess posting common myth understanding of copyright might even
be a public service, letting others argue that they are ignorant
because they believed it...

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