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Re: Freeness of licence for wwwcount?

M J Ray wrote:
"Joe Smith" unknown_kev_cat@hotmail.com> wrote:
[...] It has long been
held that private copying is not covered by copyright. (Think: making a
cassette tape from a cd).

Maybe you've just worded this badly, or maybe you're relying on
some specific place's laws, but my private copying is subject to
copyright law. If I am copying for private study, time-shifting,
or several other fairly narrow purposes (including making
a cassette tape for myself, I believe), my copying doesn't
infringe copyright.  That's not the same thing as not being
covered by copyright.

In case you're really curious, this is due in the US to an accidental change in the copyright law in the 1909 Copyright Act. Prior to that, "copyright" in the US only covered "distribution". Unfortunately, the accidental change has stuck, and "copyright" now covers "copying". (Write your Senators and Representative and ask them to fix it, but after nearly 100 years I'm not getting my hopes up.)

In countries with a natural rights theory of copyright, it's always covered "copying". There may be some countries remaining with a saner copyright law on this matter, but I don't know of any offhand.

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