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Re: Problems with ntp

Marco D'Itri wrote:
I do, and I stand by my opinion: the package license is intended to be
applied to everything, and pretending otherwise is useless pedantry.

Modern copyright law, unfortunately, demands pedantry. If you think it's useless, that's your opinion, but as far as I can tell that's not the attitude the Debian Project normally takes towards the formal requirements of copyright law. Instead Debian normally makes a strong effort to comply with them to the letter, as a matter of safety in an admittedly stupid legal climate. Copyright infringement is now a criminal offense in the US, which means that if someone in power takes it into their head to prosecute you, they may be able to do so and win even if the copyright holder doesn't want to prosecute. This is pretty damned stupid, of course, but it -- and other stupid copyright laws -- means that fixing apparently unimportant errors in licensing actually matters.

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