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Re: RFS: tvbrowser -- TV-Browser is a java-based TV guide

On Sun, 07 Aug 2005 13:41:48 -0400, Joe Smith wrote:

> If the package depends on software in non-free it will 
> just fail to install. Otherwise it will install just fine because it does 
> not depend on a missing package.
> There is no good reason not to think of contrib as an extention of main, 
> where *some* software may require non-free packages.
> Actually I see no good reason at all for a source.list to fail to have 
> contrib.

And I see a very good reason contrib to be explicitly excluded from
sources.list.  The case you described is not applicable to packages like
msttcorefonts or flashplugin-nonfree, which are completely non-free
with simple workarounds.  The contrib section may be an extension to main,
but an evil extension that misleads the users.

Yavor Doganov			JID: doganov@jabber.minus273.org
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