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Re: Any progress on Debian logos?

<quote who="Martin Michlmayr" date="Fri, Jul 29, 2005 at 12:46:23PM +0100">
> * Francesco Poli <frx@winstonsmith.info> [2005-07-27 22:13]:
> > In this thread[1], the previous DPL (Martin Michlmayr) stated that the
> > issue was worked on.
> > But I got no more news since that time.
> I told the new DPL back in April what needs to be done.  He (or,
> really, anyone) just needs to get an SPI board member to sign the
> copyright transfer form that has already been prepared and send it to
> Raul to sign.

I was traveling in Europe for the last couple months and so was not in
New York to sign the agreement. I got back last week and Greg and I
met up this weekend and I signed it. This should be off to Raul now.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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