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Re: zsnes belonging to main instead of contrib

On 8/7/05, Philipp Kern <pkern@debian.org> wrote:

> In the case of zsnes its practical function is to emulate a SNES
> console, with all its hardware. It supports this completely without any
> non-free data. It's only that most data for practical use is non-free.
> Take Wine. It emulates the Windows API quite well to run Windows
> application. Now one could argue that most of them are non-free if you
> look at them from a DFSG point of view. And the calculator etc. they
> ship with Wine is also a set of dummy data which could calculate some
> very basic equations but which primarily demonstrate that it runs
> without crashing. (This is only from my limited knowledge back in the
> old days when I occasionally used it.)

FWIW, this comparison to Wine has been made before[1] and it failed to
convince the ftpmasters.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2004/07/msg00178.html


Andrew Saunders

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