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Re: RFS: tvbrowser -- TV-Browser is a java-based TV guide

Andrew Saunders wrote:


> But having had a quick peek inside the orig.tar.gz, it looks like
> there's stuff in there that renders it completely undistributable,
> even from non-free. Everything under win/include/ contains:
> * Copyright 1997-1999 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.,
>  * 901 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, California, 94303, U.S.A.
>  * All rights reserved.
>  *
>  * This software is the confidential and proprietary information
>  * of Sun Microsystems, Inc. ("Confidential Information").  You
>  * shall not disclose such Confidential Information and shall use
>  * it only in accordance with the terms of the license agreement
>  * you entered into with Sun.
> And all instances of Search16.gif, About16.gif, WebComponent16.gif,
> Edit16.gif, Information24.gif, TipOfTheDay24.gif, Host16.gif,
> Refresh16.gif, Help16.gif, Find16.gif, Stop24.gif, listview24.gif,
> Import24.gif, Stop16.gif, Refresh24.gif, Properties16.gif, New16.gif,
> Export16.gif, listview16.gif, Bookmarks24.gif, New24.gif,
> Import16.gif, PrintPreview16.gif, details16.gif, Back24.gif,
> Print16.gif, Bookmarks16.gif, Forward24.gif, PageSetup16.gif,
> Open16.gif, Down24.gif, Delete16.gif, Down16.gif, down16.gif,
> Preferences24.gif, Print24.gif, Up24.gif, Delete24.gif, Up16.gif,
> up16.gif, Preferences16.gif, Save16.gif, Jar16.gif, Information16.gif,
> Find24.gif, TipOfTheDay16.gif and Edit24.gif contain the string
> "Copyright 2000 by Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved."
> CCed the author to make him aware of the situation. Any further
> discussion with regards to the licensing should probably take place on
> -legal rather than -mentors.

Hi Andrew, 

thank you for your hint about the copyright. But I'm not willing to give up
so quickly :)

As a first step, I've noticed, that this package builds without any problems
after I've removed the "win"-dir (surprise). I think this is a very
important first step. But bevore I continue, my question is: When I remove
all the copyrighted stuff and if the package is still build- and runnable
afterwards, is it possible to let it go into debian as contrib? I wonder,
because even if I've cleaned up the whole sources, there would still be
the .orig.tar.gz where all this copyrighted stuff is in.

Kind regards


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