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Re: Hi

This message is being sent to you automatically in response to an email
that you sent to <anonymous@remailer.metacolo.com>.

Most likely, you tried to reply to an email that has been sent through
this service. If you did not send an email to <anonymous@remailer.metacolo.com>,
please ignore this message.

The metacolo Anonymizing Remailer is a free service that
allows individuals including crime victims, domestic violence victims,
persons in recovery, and others, such as those living under oppressive
regimes, to communicate confidentially in a manner that ensures their
privacy under even the most adverse conditions.

To block individuals using this remailer from sending email to your
address in the future, please send a message to <mix@remailer.metacolo.com>
containing the line

destination-block debian-legal@lists.debian.org

anywhere in the body text of the email.  You can simply forward this
entire email to <mix@remailer.metacolo.com> using your email
program for your current email address to be permanently blocked
from users of the metacolo Anonymizing Remailer.

For more information about the metacolo Anonymizing Remailer Administrator's
strict anti-abuse policy, please send a blank email to


-- The metacolo Anonymizing Remailer Administrator

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