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Re: [Fwd: Re: [osol-discuss] Debian with OpenSolaris: a broken dream]

* Alvaro Lopez Ortega:

> Florian Weimer wrote:
>>>  Some days ago I asked about the viability the idea of creating a new
>>>  architecture of Debian using the OpenSolaris stack.
>> Just the kernel or libc as well?
>   That is something in which we will have to think if there isn't any
>   issue with the license.  By the moment there isn't a detailed
>   technical plan over the desk, it is just a proposal. The first step
>   is to check if the CDDL meets with the DFSG.

Ah, okay.  A CDDLed libc is impossible for Debian because you can't
distribute GPLed software that links to it.  The operating system
exception deliberately does not apply when you are distributing an
operating system.

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