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Re: libdts patent issue?

Arnaud Engelfriet wrote:
>Here's a claim that would _not_ be maths as such under European law:
>"A method of encrypting a bitstream A using a key B that is the
>same length as A, comprising computing A XOR B".

That *is* math.  If a judge has ruled that it isn't, he doesn't know what the 
hell he's talking about.  The bitstream A, the key B, and the output are 
mathematical objects, and the "method" is a mathematical algorithm.  Unless 
it involves measuring the local wind velocity or some other non-mathematical 

Everything I said remains true.  If a judge really has ruled that that isn't a 
mathematical method, then there is indeed caselaw which is wrong as a matter 
of fact.  Which would suck, but there you are.

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