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Re: RFS: libopenspc -- library for playing SPC files

On 7/18/05, Ryan Schultz <schultz.ryan@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Monday 18 July 2005 11:12 pm, you wrote:
> > >FWIW, I would not touch SNEeSe or any fragment derived from it with a
> > >ten-foot pole unless they can tell you where sneese.dat came from and
> > >what's in it.
> >
> > Well file(1) said it is an allegro datafile, so I apt-get'ed liballegro-dev
> > and try extracting it using 'dat -x SNEESE.DAT *'.
> > It contains two images. One is the startup screen the other is the image of
> > a joypad used presumably in keyboard setup.
> >
> > Ryan, unless there are other legal issues I think it is safe to proceed.
> (resending to the lists, whoops)
> Yes, just a few hours ago I got a response from upstream saying the same
> thing, using almost exactly the same process too :- )  Not sure how some
> images got confused with a core from another emulator.

I'm delighted to have been wrong.  :-)

Which is not to say that there mightn't be other legal issues with
SNEeSe; but that's true of any work of authorship, especially those
created by reverse engineering, and Debian tends to leave the sanity
checks up to the maintainer and ftpmasters.  The mere fact that is a
game system emulator presents no legal obstacle, and other spot-checks
within the code (the current version and v0.16f, apparently the last
released by the original author) are reassuring.  You might try to
establish a relationship with current SNEeSe upstream so you don't
have to maintain your own fork of the sound library alone.

- Michael

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