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Re: libdts patent issue?

On 7/18/05, Humberto Massa Guimarães <humberto.massa@almg.gov.br> wrote:
> Ditto, for Brasil. Software patents are explicitly excluded in our
> Industrial Property (= Patents + Trademarks) Act (Law 9279/96),
> section 10, V: "
> Obviously, only inventions (or utility models) can be patented.

Now that Arnoud has explained how the "no patents on mathematics,
software, or business methods" premise works in Europe --
indistinguishable in my eyes from how it works under current law in
the US, except that EPO's examiners may or may not be on average more
competent, less captured, or less overwhelmed than the USPTO's -- I
would not be at all surprised if it works similarly under the statute
you quote.  Humberto, can you give me some kind of pointer to the
primary literature (i. e., what judges cite in their opinions as
interpretive guidance) in your legal system?

- Michael

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