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Re: MP3 decoder packaged with XMMS

Michael K. Edwards wrote:
> That's entirely consistent with my (much less informed) understanding
> of the history.  It would be very interesting to know whether the
> statement at http://ballsome.org/index.php/news/100 reflects their
> present policy, and if so whether it would offer some degree of
> equitable-estoppel-based safe harbor for distributors who can
> demonstrate substantial non-infringing uses as a defense against
> contributory infringement.

Thomson's answer wasn't particularly surprising, since European
patent law already contains an exemption for personal use of
patented technology. Besides, there's no money to be gained from
sueing individuals that use a patented technology privately.

I don't see where you got the "distributors" from, since the
note only speaks of "personal use". 

Kind regards,

Arnoud Engelfriet

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