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Re: MP3 decoder packaged with XMMS

I wrote:
> Presumably you are also aware of patents 5,341,457 and 5,627,938,
> which Lucent has been seeking to enforce against Dolby AC-3.  As your
> encoder appears to use Ehmer's tone masking techniques, which are also
> cited in the AC-3 standard definition, ...

I am of course aware that Ehmer's techniques were published in 1959;
but the combination in the claims of the '457 patent is presumptively
a valid invention, and I don't grok either it or psy.c well enough to
be able to tell whether they coincide.  It seems particularly timely
to raise the issue since Dolby is quite capable of settling out of
court now that they have gotten what they wanted (declarative relief
WRT AC-3 and Lucent's patents), and if Xiph.org or someone else wants
to intervene to demand resolution of the question of the Lucent
patents' validity then the time is presumably now.

- Michael

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