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Re: quake2 and german youth protection law

Michael Below <mbelow@antithese.de> wrote:
> today I filed bug #313159 against the quake2 package, because of a
> possible violation of the german Jugendschutzgesetz (youth protection
> law). The bug report is attached below.

Does this only apply to German distributors or to anyone distributing
to Germany? (My German is not really up to legal standard and the
failure to set a background colour hurts on
http://bundespruefstelle.de/bpjm/arbeitsgrundlagen/juschg.php )

It would be nice to know whether it is game engine or data that
is actually the problem, too.

This looks like a bug in Germany rather than a bug in quake2.
I don't think contrib (where quake2 is) is on the official CDs,
but ICBW (not checked latest images to be sure).

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