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Re: quake2 and german youth protection law

MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop> writes:

> Does this only apply to German distributors or to anyone distributing
> to Germany? (My German is not really up to legal standard and the
> failure to set a background colour hurts on
> http://bundespruefstelle.de/bpjm/arbeitsgrundlagen/juschg.php )

I'm not sure. I will try to look it up in the next days.

> It would be nice to know whether it is game engine or data that
> is actually the problem, too.

The law deals with "media", i.e. the whole Quake 2 CD has been put on
the list. I guess the actual problem is that kids could have too much
fun with too much sputtering blood, killing human-looking opponents.

Probably there could be a version without red blood and with obviously
non-human targets that would be acceptable. AFAIK for some
other games, special german versions have been created with such

> This looks like a bug in Germany rather than a bug in quake2.

Maybe... But that's how the law is, see DMCA or whatever.

Michael Below

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