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Re: removing the debian-legal website stuff?

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On 10301 March 1977, MJ Ray wrote:

> Well, this is the first ftpmaster post to legal I've seen for
> months and it's a troll :-/  Pot and kettle one, too.

Im not a master, just a slave.

> Joerg, if you want to make your life easier, try opening bugs
> about any NEW licence questions and cc -legal,

Bugs? Where? Package: general? Or does -legal now have an on bts entry?
Stuff in NEW usually doesnt have a place for bugs (if it has it usually
has no license problems as it is already in, just a split).

> asking for someone to summarise with references. If that doesn't work
> for you, you could cc a particular contributor, or we could keep a
> list of volunteer contact people to help with licensing bugs if you
> don't want to use a mailing list.

Oh, I dont have a problem with writing to lists.

My *personal* experience with this list is just not so that I see a big
value posting to it. (Im mostly a reader on -legal)

bye Joerg
SUSE = Soll Unix Sein, Eigentlich.

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