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Re: removing the debian-legal website stuff?

Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> wrote:
> I would love that page working (ie new license summaries added). Would, for=
>  some
> obscure license crap make my life easier if such a thing appears in
> NEW. :)
> But then it should be maintained, and I know that its impossible to get
> something useful out of -legal (except you define long threads as
> useful).=20

Well, this is the first ftpmaster post to legal I've seen for
months and it's a troll :-/  Pot and kettle one, too.

How often do ftpmasters open bugs and ask debian-legal for
analysis of a licence? Looking at the archive for Feb and Mar
2005, pretty much everything was done at the request of package
maintainers or outside consultations. Who started threads?

  debian-legal contributors: 28 threads
  Packagers: 15
  Obvious* debian developers or users: 12
  Other people (outside the project?): 19
  ftpmasters: 0

* - obvious to me, as in @debian or "I am a DD/DU" or so on.

I did find one ftpmaster-initiated thread, back in January
It appears answered within a day and fixed within two weeks.
That was the last ftpmaster message of any sort until this.

For the most part, ftpmasters are absentee landlords.
Unsurprisingly, debian-legal concentrates on the consultations,
packagers and developers who actually post to the list. If
ftpmasters have tasks they want debian-legal to do, they should
communicate them, rather than just flaming us for not reading
minds, and continuing the ftpmasters reputation for communication.

Joerg, if you want to make your life easier, try opening bugs
about any NEW licence questions and cc -legal, asking for someone
to summarise with references. If that doesn't work for you,
you could cc a particular contributor, or we could keep a list of
volunteer contact people to help with licensing bugs if you don't
want to use a mailing list.


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